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My name is Stephen Hornsby-Smith, and I am a painter from Surrey, UK.

I used to always paint in oils, now in acrylics, either outside and indoors, but not from a subject that I see in my line of vision. I paint from what I think of, which means that I don’t have a completed image in my minds-eye ever. This makes it very difficult to take-on commissions and enter painting competitions, but does allow me to incorporate my passion for wildlife conservation into my work.

My style is complex yet naïve, brightly coloured but often with a dark underlying message, semi abstract in most cases. My animal paintings in bright red, blue, green and yellow are contrasted by black backgrounds, exaggerating the desperation many of them experience as the human race push them closer to extinction.

Painting is unrelenting; I’m both horrified and inspired by its demands.

I do not dilute or distract from painting - hence I paint only one canvas at a time. I sculpt and write when I run-out of ideas for my painting. My positive, if compulsive attitude, affords both the blind naivety and unsettling nature of my work. I normally work on my own, though occasionally in company.

This system accommodates all the contrariness and idiosyncratic meanderings of a restive spirit.

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