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An Artist, who paints with Acrylic’s on Canvas, at times I use 24ct Gold, Palladium, Copper and other Metallic Leaf within my Unique designs, which can be based on Mathematics, Geometry or even Surreal. Each painting takes between 3 to 8 weeks to complete, working 7 days a week, I never use stencils, tape or masking on my painting, all are painted freehand. Where others see Pictures, I see Patterns where my fascination of Shapes and Colour gives my paintings a unique perception of my world. Perspective and dimensions add to the mixture allowing the interaction of Colour in the foreground and background, which creates the uniqueness of my paintings. I try to paint as I am inspired by the Quotation by the late Robert Hughes who said

 "What we need more of is slow art: art that holds time as a vase holds water: art that grows out of modes of perception and making whose skill and doggedness make you think and feel; art that isn’t merely sensational, that doesn’t get its message across in ten seconds, that isn’t falsely iconic, that hooks onto something deep-running in our natures. In a word, art that is the very opposite of mass media."

This sums up what I hope to achieve with my Art.

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