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I was born in Italy and moved to London in the late seventies. I have a BA Hons in Fine Art from St Martin's School of Art and an MA in Education from London University. I worked and exhibited in London for several years before moving to Hastings in East Sussex where I now live and work.
My artistic journey began with an exploration of the female human figure.
I went on to explore childhood through images of children set in landscapes and seascapes. Following this series of work I started to develop images of the East Sussex coastline. These works focus on depth of colour , scale and texture - brush strokes and paint surface suggest the ever changing nature of the waves and weather ranging from dramatic turmoil to peaceful calm.
At present I am also working on a series of paintings based on seagulls in all their various guises.
My work covers a range of sizes from large (2 x 1.50 m) to small scale (30x40 cm). Although my work is figurative, it also deals with a variety of ideas and concepts around painting. I use a range of colours depending on the mood I wish to convey. The medium I use is acrylic on canvas or board.
I have exhibited in a number of venues in Italy, London and East Sussex. My work is in private collections in Italy and the Uk.

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