Andrew J Haines

Welcome to my listing.

I first started exhibiting photography, but more recently I have been busy with a variety of things, including exhibiting sculptures, light sculptures, site specific installations, and photo images – non manipulated and with real colours! I have also organised a number of art events, exhibitions, most recently “Sculpture Street” (Check out the site

For the installations and sculptures I have used a variety of material, including agricultural wire fencing, and plastic fish crates. (Possible the only fish crate sculptor in the world!?)

The latest photo images I have exhibited have been printed on metal and can be shown outdoors. I like to depict the lights and colours as realistically as possible. Settings are done in the camera when composing the picture and not on the computer afterwards.

I have exhibited both here in the UK, and in Scandinavia – that’s why there may be a bit of Danish language on my web site occasionally.