Amel Chamandy™

My work is currently exhibited at Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International in Montreal, Québec Canada and at Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd in Barbados. I work in a wide range of media 
including photography, sculpture, hand blown glass and painting. Each body of work is encompassed in a larger one that draws 
out a broader field of interests and esthetic. In my photographic work, I like to poetically transform the simple and familiar into 
complex and anomalous, almost mysterious underlying themes in order to challenge the viewer’s relationship with their surroundings. 
Regardless of the medium I use, I look at my subject in a transcending manner in order to reach its essence and 
usurp the ordinary for the extraordinary. My work has been exhibited in Montreal, Barbados and at the Red Dot Miami Art Fair 
(Miami, USA). I was shortlisted for the Ocala (Florida, USA) Sculpture Competition with my sculpture Marie et Jean. I participated 
in the Dave Bown Projects (N.Y. USA) , the Dvorak, Oxford Mathematical Institute (Czech Republic) art competitions. Tequila 
Sunrise was selected for the 5th Concours International de l’Art Contemporain, GemlucArt,(MC, Monaco).