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Alise Loebelsohn

My paintings emerge out of the process of materials used. I begin the paintings by layering the surface with many layers of plaster. This material contains marble dust, lime and plaster.

By layering the plaster and compressing the material, the plaster builds a polished shine. The force of the compression of layers reveals a cross section of materials, as the layers in earth through the passage of time. Line and color are very important as well. The line should separate the spaces and eventually create a shape. The line quality moves through space and divides areas. I then think about how the color will relate to the line and the overall composition. I wish to create an overall harmony within the surface.

My work is about the patterns and images that randomly appear in nature all around us. The shapes are built up through different layers that are applied and scraped away. A line from one layer may come through another layer and a shape is formed. It is not an outline, but the building up of line and color, like memories that can fade but then come to the surface if something sparks a memory. I am interested in those murky areas where there are no clear truths. It is here where I try to imagine the laws of imaginary worlds and how I can make sense of the universe in which we live.
Alise Loebelsohn graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Painting. She studied in France and at the Art Students League in NYC. She worked for various mural and billboard painting companies and in 2001 she started her decorative painting business called Pompeii Studios LLC.

She has been hired for a diverse range of commercial, corporate and private homes including the Washington Square Hotel, Bryant Park and Grand Central Station.
Alise always worked on her own paintings. She just returned from showing her work in Art Basel, Miami in the Aqua Galleries. This month she showed at Pleiades Gallery NYC and Prince Street Gallery NYC and Ward Nasse Gallery NYC. She recently had a solo show at Greenpoint Gallery,NYC. She is an artist in residence with the Julio Valdez Project Space and will be having a 2 person show in the spring.
She also lectures on color and the meaning of color in art.
Alise lives with her husband and two sons in Brooklyn New York.

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