Alison J Gilbert

I am a mixed media painter and artist working mainly on larger canvases ( 50cm x 50cm to 120cm x 120cm) on which I create decorative abstract acrylic paintings and collage. Many of these works are also available as Giclee Fine Art Prints. In addition to my larger work I also have a range of artwork on small canvases (30cm x 30cm) in colour themes ranging from neutrals to pastel aqua, pinks, lilac and yellow, or brighter shades of aqua, blue, purple and yellow.

My work is very much influenced by my background in textile design as it tends to focus primarily on texture, pattern and colour rather than figurative imagery, although abstract birds,floral and butterfly motifs often feature as focal points. I mainly work in acrylics building up in layers of collage and glazes to create rich textural surfaces with lots of depth and visual interest. in my current work I am exploring various techniques for incorporating text and script in subtle and abstract ways.

In addition to my paintings I also create small stitched and embroidered paper collages using various hand made or painted papers along with other paper and ephemera which are usually presented either mounted or framed.

I have a range of completed work of both types available for sale, and am also happy to discuss creating variations of my work to commission.