Alison J Gilbert

Alison Gilbert is a contemporary abstract artist, based in Somerset Uk. She creates abstract artworks that are a vibrant celebration of joy and life, expressed through colour, pattern and texture. A piece of original art is something personal and unique to be enjoyed every day, and Alison’s art enhances and enriches its environment. Whether in a home or a public or commercial space, Her work evokes an emotional response in the viewer. It can be restful or energising, calming or cheerful, but always uplifting. Painting intuitively, with sometimes an emotion, sometimes a colour palette or a motif as the catalyst for inspiration, she is also often inspired by the power of a word or a phrase. These may not end up visible in the finished piece, but often give the work its meaning.

Alison has a unique, expressive personal style, and incorporates a selective use of mixed media techniques in her work. She creates work that has impact and makes a strong visual statement as a whole, and also has richly layered surfaces full of depth and visual interest close to. Art pieces range in scale from 10cm to 120cm+

Alison looks forward to welcoming you to her website at and hopes that you find something that resonates personally with you.
You can also follow her current projects on Instagram