Accessing My Listing

Artists Info Login ScreenIf you are a member of Artists Info and have forgotten your password, you will need to first go to the login screen, which you can get to by clicking the ‘Login’ link in purple navigation bar at https://artistsinfo.co.uk.

Artists Info Forgotten passwordThen, click the ‘Lost your Password?’ link at that page. See screenshot on the right.

Then, enter either your username (if you know it) or the email address that you used when you joined Artists Info, and then click the ‘Get New Password’ button. See screenshot on the left.

You will then receive an email from us giving you a link to click in order to get a new password. Follow the instructions in that email, and on the page it sends you to, and you will then have a brand new password.

If you don’t appear to receive the password reset email, please check your spam / junk folder in case it has dropped in there.

login-to-artists-infoAt the artistsinfo.co.uk website, click on the ‘Login’ link in the navigation.

enter-artists-info-username-and-passwordAt the next screen, enter the email address that you used when registering, and the password that you chose / were given. Click ‘Log In’.

You may need to complete what’s called a Captcha screen to continue. This is a way of protecting the site against malicious login attempts. If you see such a screen, just enter the character string that you see to continue.

Editing My Listing

By default, we don’t display your telephone number on your listing when it is first added, as we know that some people don’t want this. However, you can edit your listing to switch the display on / off as required.

Here’s how you do it :

  1. artists-info-how-to-update-telephone-numberLog in to your Artists Info account and edit your listing – please check our other FAQs if you don’t know how to do this
  2. Scroll down to the custom settings towards the bottom of your listing and look first for the telephone number field – check that this contains your correct number and change it if not
  3. artists-info-how-to-switch-telephone-number-on-or-offThen, scroll a little further down to the ‘Show Telephone’ field, and check the ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ to choose your option
  4. Don’t forget to click the ‘Update’ button once you have changed your fields

login-to-artists-infoYour location is displayed on a map on your listing page (just below your image gallery). To change your map location, first Log In to your account. See other FAQ’s if you don’t know how to do this.

Then, float your mouse over the ‘Artists’ pin in the left hand column and click on ‘Artists’. Then, click on your artist name. This should open your listing ready for editing. You’ll see something like this…

How to edit map location

Scroll down the page until you come to the section entitled ‘Listings Custom Maps’. It will look similar to this…

Updating my map location

Taking each of the points in turn…

  1. Ensure that the ‘Enable map on this post’ box is checked (unless you don’t want a map shown on your listing page, in which case uncheck the box, click ‘UPDATE’ and exit).
  2. Put your address into the ‘Search for an address’ box and click ‘Plot’. This should center the map on your location and show a red map marker.
  3. You can drag the map around if you don’t like the view, and you can zoom it in / out by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons. Your map will be displayed at this zoom level on your listing page.

After you have made ANY changes to your listing, please ensure that you press the ‘UPDATE’ button (towards the top-right of the page).

login-to-artists-infoTo edit basic things, such as your listing bio, website address and social media accounts, first Log In to your account. See other FAQ’s if you don’t know how to do this.

Then, float your mouse over the ‘Artists’ pin in the left hand column and click on ‘Artists’. Then, click on your artist name. This should open your listing ready for editing. You’ll see something like this…

How to edit my artist listing

Looking at points 1-4 in turn :

  1. Click this icon to show / hide more WYSIWYG options
  2. Edit your listing bio information in this box. You can write as much as you like, and use the toolbar options above the box to style your text (e.g. bolden, underline, align text and to add external links etc.)
  3. You can add up to 7 Subject types (e.g. Animals, Birds) to represent your work. Just start typing in the box until your choice is found. Then select it and click ‘Add’ to add it to your list. This will then be displayed in your listing page, and your listing will also appear on the on the relevant directory page along with all other listings of the same subject.
  4. You can add up to 7 Medium types (e.g. Acrylic, Canvas, Glass) to represent your work. Just start typing in the box until your choice is found. Then select it and click ‘Add’ to add it to your list. This will then be displayed in your listing page, and your listing will also appear on the on the relevant directory page along with all other listings of the same medium.

After you have made ANY changes to your listing, please ensure that you press the ‘UPDATE’ button (towards the top-right of the page).

There are other elements you can edit on your listing, such as your map location and image gallery. These are described in other FAQs, but for now we’ll continue with your basic listing fields…

If you scroll down towards the bottom of your listing edit page you should see a section called ‘Listing Custom Settings’. This is where you can change your email address, telephone number, website address, social media addresses and other information. It should look similar to this…

Editing artists listing fields

Just overtype any detail you want to change and remember to press ‘UPDATE’ when you have finished.


We maintain the rights to edit any of our artists listings to correct grammar, improve opportunity for them to be found with search terms, remove broken links whether they were free listings like yours or paid for each year. Everyone is treated the same.

In all cases, the Artists Info Editors decision is final!

The copyright always remains with the artists unless they have sold the rights on.

You can now add details of art exhibitions that you are running or exhibiting in to the Artists Info site. The exhibition will display on our Exhibitions page for the duration of the exhibition.

The quick way to add your exhibition is to follow the website top navigation to the Exhibitions page, and then click the ‘Add Your Exhibition’ link, which will take you to a form where you can enter the details.

Adding an Exhibition through the website form

Once on the exhibition form page, complete the required fields and submit the form. Fields should be completed as follows :

Event Name – enter the official name of the exhibition

From / To Dates – enter the date range of the exhibition

From / To Times – these are the start and end times, and apply to each day that the exhibition runs for. If you exhibition has different times on different days (e.g. weekends) then enter the widest time range here and then add more specific timings in the exhibition detail field

Where – Type in the name of the gallery, hall etc where the exhibition will take place. If the location is already known, we’ll offer it to you as a selection here. If not, you’ll need to enter the rest of the address details in the remaining fields. This is useful if you are going to have a number of exhibitions at the same place. You’ll just need to add the location once and then select it for subsequent events.

Details – here’s where you can enter more information about the exhibition. Try to put as much relevant information as you can – who is exhibiting? what sort of art is being exhibited?

Event Image – if you have an image to represent the exhibition (e.g. photo of the gallery, example of artwork on display etc.) then upload it here and it will be displayed alongside the exhibition detail.

Once submitted, our admin team will review the details and then publish it on the site if accepted. You’ll get an email to say that the exhibition has been published.

Adding an Exhibition through your artist listing login

This is another way to add your exhibition. When logged-in to your artists info listing, you will now see an ‘Events’ tab. Click this and add / edit your exhibitions. This is a good way to add an exhibition if it doesn’t have a physical location (e.g. if it is online only!). In the ‘Where’ section, just click the ‘This event does not have a physical location’ checkbox.

Enter the exhibition name in the title field, and the details of the exhibition in the main text area beneath this. Further down the page you will see the ‘Where’ section.

On the right hand side of the page you should enter the ‘When’ fields, then set a featured image (if you ave an image that represents the exhibition). If not, don’t worry, just ignore this field.

If you want to improve the search engine optimisation for your exhibition, take a look at the Yoast SEO section. There are other FAQs to help you with this section. It’s not mandatory, so only work on it if you are particularly keen!

You can ignore all other fields on the page, and click the ‘Submit for Review’ button when finished.

There may be times when we will need to remove links from your listing. For example, if your own website is no longer available we receive a broken link notification. Broken links are generally not good for website visitors, and search engines also look upon them negatively as they impact the user experience. So, if we spot that your website has been unavailable for a while, we will remove the link from your listing.

If you spot a missing website link on your listing AND your website is available, please let us know and we’ll add it back in again for you.

We do not sell paintings, we specialise in promoting artists and their work to art lovers and galleries around the world. Interested buyers then contact the artists directly

If you would like to feature your work on our website, you can register here and then pay by paypal.

Membership and Payment

If your payment to us has failed, this is usually because the payment card that you use for your Paypal account has expired. So if you are experiencing problems, first of all check the card details that are linked to your Paypal recurring payment instruction are current. If the problem continues, please let us know, as we can issue a payment request through Paypal which can be paid by your chosen card.

You are free to cancel at any time IN ADVANCE of your renewal date.

Paypal take their instructions from you as the account holder, not from Artists Info.

Please note, Artists Info do not take money from anyone’s accounts, we get paid by Paypal who take their instructions from you as their account holder.

Should you require the details of your renewal date please email admin@artistsinfo.co.uk and we will forward a screen shot of your paypal detail.

My Images

Manage your galleryCaptions are displayed beneath your images on your Artists Info listing page. They can be useful to describe your work, sizes, or media to your visitors, and can also help boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) – especially if you use key words that your visitors are likely to search for!

Step 1 – edit your listing and click on ‘Manage Gallery’ within your ‘Gallery Images’ section.

Click 'show' to open up your gallery image for editingStep 2 – find the image that you’d like to caption, and click ‘Show’.

Type your caption and save changesStep 3 – type your required caption into the field provided, and then scroll down and click ‘Save All Changes’.

You should now see your caption appear beneath your image on the right-hand side of your Artists Info listing page.

Note : Please try to keep your caption below 100 characters in length. Otherwise, it may be truncated. If your caption is larger than 100 characters, it may still be displayed in full if your visitor clicks on a gallery image to view it in a ‘pop up’ lightbox.

artists-info-go-to-my-listing-pageYou can display up to 12 images on your Artists Info listing, in the gallery shown in the right-hand sidebar of your listing page.

To add images to your listing you first need to login to your Artists Info account. If you don’t know how to login to your account, please check the other FAQ’s on this page.

Once you have logged in, click the ‘Artists’ link to go to your listing (see screenshot 1 [right]).

artists-info-edit-my-listingIf you see an intermediate screen showing your name (where marked in screenshot 2 [left]), then click the name link to reveal your listing. Your listing page should now be revealed ready for you to update!

artists-info-save-all-changesTo edit your images, scroll down until you see the ‘Gallery Images’ section. Click ‘Upload Images’ and follow the on-page instructions to select one or more files (images in your case).

Once you have uploaded your images, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save All Changes’ and then click the ‘Close Window’ box (see screenshot).

This should take you back to the main page.

artists-info-close-windowNow to finalise your updates, click the ‘Update Gallery’ link.

artists-info-update-galleryPlease note : Your images will be rejected if they are larger than 2mb in size. If you need to resize your image but don’t have the necessary tools, then try using one of the many online image resizers such as https://pixlr.com.

Also, images displayed on your listing page are 454px wide. If your uploaded images are smaller than this they will be scaled up, which can cause a slight blurring. If your uploaded images are larger than this they will be scaled down without blurring. If you get really stuck with your images, then please email them to support@artistsinfo.co.uk and we’ll try to help out!

This is a gallery to show your work, and therefore your images should reflect your work and not be photos of yourself, your team, or your premises / gallery.

We will only display up to 12 of your images in your listing gallery. We do allow you to upload more than this, so that you can adjust which ones are displayed from time to time.

Each image can be a maximum file size of 2mb. Large images take longer to download, which slows down page load times and discourages visitors. If you are able to use image editing software, then it’s a good idea to optimise your images BEFORE uploading them to the website. Alternatively, there are some useful online image editors such as https://pixlr.com.

Images displayed on your listing page are 454 pixels wide. If your uploaded images are smaller than this they will be scaled up, which can cause a slight blurring. If your uploaded images are larger than this they will be scaled down without blurring.

artists-info-ordering-gallery-imagesYou can alter the order in which your images appear in the gallery carousel on the right-hand side of your listing page.

1. Login and edit your listing

2. Go to your ‘Gallery Images’ section and click ‘Manage Gallery’

3. Put numbers into the boxes shown to represent the order in which you want your images displayed. Images are displayed in descending order, so your first image displayed will be the one with the highest number. You can use the ‘Ascending’, ‘Descending’ links to reorder your images, but please bear in mind that images will always be actually displayed in your gallery in descending number order (so image with order number 12 will be displayed ahead of image with order number 11, and so on).

4. Save your changes when you have finished

Each artist listing can have 1 featured image. This is the image that is displayed by default whenever your listing is displayed on our home page (in the ‘Artists of the month’ or ‘Featured Artists’ areas) or in an internal search result on the site.

It isn’t necessarily the first image that is displayed in the gallery section on your own listing page.

artists-info-manage-galleryFeatured images are displayed prominently throughout the site where your profile is displayed and where there is only space for one of your images. For example, where your profile shows up in a search result.

Please note, your featured image isn’t necessarily the first image to be displayed in the gallery on your listing page.

artists-info-show-imageTo set one of your existing images as your Featured Image, edit your listing and click ‘Manage Gallery’ in your ‘Gallery Images’ section.

Then, click the ‘Show’ link next to the image that you want to promote as your featured image.

artists-info-use-as-featured-imageThen, scroll to the bottom of your image details and click ‘Use as featured image’.

Finally, click the ‘Save All changes’ button.

My Traffic

Whilst we already get a lot of search engine traffic visiting the Artists Info website, there are several ways that you can help more search engine visitors to find your own listing page. If you’re not sure how to get to any of the areas discussed below, please refer to other FAQs on editing your images and your listing.

Graphic showing 3 ways to improve SEO for imagesImages

When you add and manage the images in your gallery you will notice some additional fields (points 1-3 in the screenshot on the right). Putting something meaningful, and relating to your image, can help your SEO. Put your own title for the image in box 1; Put a description of the image in box 2; Put a short caption in box 3 – this will then be displayed under your image on your listing page. Try to incorporate some of your keywords into these boxes, but make sure that the text reads well (i.e. don’t just stuff the field with keywords, as this stands more chance of being penalised by Google).

Your Listing Bio Area

Your listing content (bio) is the text area just beneath your name when editing your listing. Ideally, you should make this at least 250 words long. Search engines need content to help them understand what you and your listing are all about – so the more you write, the better.

Hint : Try not to copy / paste your content directly from another place (e.g. your own website), but make it as unique as possible. Mention plenty of your keywords (names, locations, pieces of work, subjects, media etc.), but make sure that you make it highly readable for your audience.

The Yoast SEO Area

If you scroll further down the page when editing your listing, you will see a section entitled ‘Yoast SEO’. Although not strictly necessary, this section will help you to construct your content to be more readable and search engine friendly.

If you look at the screenshot on the right, you’ll see I’ve highlighted 3 points. You’ll get to these by clicking the ‘Enter your focus keyword’ tab

  1. Choose a short keyword or key phrase (no more than 1-3 words) that you would want your listing found for by people using search engines. You could choose something like ‘Welsh artist’ or ‘Oil Painting’, for example. If you have a unique style or subject, you might want to think about using that.
  2. Your ‘snippet’ is what Google (and other search engines) could display when your listing appears in organic search engine results. Click ‘Edit Snippet’ and then edit your ‘SEO Title’ and ‘Meta Description’, including some compelling words and key phrases to encourage people to click on your link.
  3. Check the ‘Analysis’ area and try to remove as many red dots as possible. Don’t go too mad and spend too much time on this – it’s only a guideline, and is only a small part of what Google uses to rank your listing page.

You can also try to improve the readability of your content. Again, don’t get too hung up on this, but if you’d like to have a go… click on the ‘Readbility’ tab and follow the ‘Analysis’ area to get some hints for improving your listing bio (content area).

Once you have done as much as you want, just click the ‘Update’ button to make your changes ‘live’.

Shows how to log in to Artists Info pageYes. Log in to your Artists Info account and follow the link to your ‘Artists’ page (see screenshot on right).

Then, you’ll see a page with just your artist name (see screenshot below). If you look over to the right-hand side you’ll see a count in the far right column. This shows the total number of times your listing has been viewed.

There is no way to see how many visits you have had over a particular time period, and so you’d need to make a note of the number and come back to the site on future occasions to see by how much the number has increased.

Graphic to show how to find artists info visits

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