georgina bowater

When I take or choose one of my photographs for a Fine Art edition I do so because, to me, it contains more than can be shown with a straightforward photographic process. My aim is to distill the essence of the image which usually leads to a graphic or minimalist rendering. I hope to create prints that will continue to give pleasure for many years and which are open to varying responses.

I have an absolute passion for trees and mountains, one of the main reasons that I have chosen to live at the southern tip of the Vercors Plateau in the Drôme
Departement of France. Here there is an abundance of potential subjects.

From time to time I return to my large archive of photography that I have collected over many years of working internationally as a freelance industrial photographer, almost always directing my own shoots. More recently I have found inspiration in Nepal.

I make my own prints using a Canon Pro 2000 24”/61cm printer with its “Lucia” archival pigment inks. While I sometimes print on canvas I generally choose heavyweight Fine Art Rag papers, around 310 gsm, from Hahnemühle or Canson. Each print is numbered and signed, a Certificate of Authenticity is supplied and, where appropriate, I include a brief description or history of the image.

Each of my images dictates its own format which leaves me with a considerable range of print sizes. In most cases my Limited Editions are from 8 to 14, sometimes with a smaller format also offered and, in a few cases, prints up to 100cm in width. Packaging and delivery are charged at cost.

Adjacent to my home I have a small gallery with a permanent exhibition of my work and am always happy to welcome those who are interested to browse or, better still of course, impressed enough to buy a print or two. This is a gorgeous area to visit for those who love mountains trees and wild places.

Apart from direct sales, I am also represented by two online galleries:

I was very happy to learn that one of my entries for the latest competition had won a place in Artists Info’s  “Mixed Media Winners Video”.  The winning image is: Beech Trees at Vizzavona, Corsica.

I try to keep an up-to-date blog with a few items of current interest: