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Catherine Taylor Parry

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I work in rural Wales, surrounded by my atmospheric, poetic and abstract landscapes on canvas. Despite having MS since 1996, I am breaking through my boundaries with bursts of colour and light.

My work is inspired by the mountains, fields and coast. I am interested in creating paintings that evoke a mood, metaphor, or feeling; a suggestion of a time or place. I paint ethereal objects which can be open to the viewers’ interpretation. Are there 'people' viewing or involved in the scene, or are they remnants of a visit from the past?

Although my access to the countryside is limited, my work reflects the distant view or the obstacles which are in my way. Shapes of stiles or circles of wheels can sometimes be seen. I love using colour and the enjoy letting the paint help to create the image. I am excited by using colours together both subdued and strong, using acrylics and inks but I am happy to use a mix of materials to make the images I want, these include print and 3D work using wheelchairs and parts from a wheelchair.

I have been exhibiting and working as a professional artist since leaving Art College in 1997, supplemented initially by teaching. I had to take a break as I was too ill to use a brush or pencil, but in 2000 I started again and set up a group of seven working artists called 'Enableartists' who have MS or were affected by MS, we then toured around the UK for two years. I also continued showing my own work, which at the time was involved with erosion, renewal and decay. I had a daughter in 2003 and as she has got older the time spent on my work has been able to increase, moving from my small studio at home to a large new studio in Flint.

My art and creative life is as important to me as eating; it is who I am and it sustains me and makes me feel whole.

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