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Sell More Work & Keep 100% of your Sales

 A gallery listing on our Award-Winning site Artists Info is a great way to gain exposure to a much larger audience because it’s a ready made market place, making you easier to find. Just having a link from our site to yours will boost your site's search engine optimisation. We are endorsed by some big names in the art world and are proud of our far reaching reputation for discovering and sharing talented artists from across the globe.

We take 0% Commission on sales made as a result of being on the site so that you keep 100% of your sales. Once you’ve joined Artists Info you will get a gallery listing on the site, our Stamp of Approval as a selected & verified artist to add credential to your website and we will promote you in lots of ways through our site, YouTube channel, social media and extended networks. We’re a very friendly team of people who value all our artists and customers and are always on hand to offer advice on anything from pricing to writing a review on your work. If we can help you, we will. We are currently offering all this for less than £5 a month (£49.99/year) inclusive, that’s just 14p/day. There are no monthly fees, no extra charges and no hassle.




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Reach Over 100,000 Art Fans Every Week!

Artists Info is ranked on Page 1 of Google and gets over 12000 visitor hits each month. Our Art Channel is  ranked No1 on YouTube and has had over 13000 views. We reach a further 70000+ people/week through our social media sites & social network connections including our association with the massively popular global art sharing movement  The Artistic Blog. Our hugely popular YouTube channel gets thousands of views from visitors enjoying our engaging promotional video's like these:

video what is art?

 video artists gallery 1

video artists gallery 2

video for art lovers

video famous artists and coffee

We get further exposure of our powerful promotional video's by sharing them on our popular Facebook and Twitter pages as part of our ongoing marketing campaigns to draw customers to the site and get our artists noticed. If you have a video we will also upload it to our YouTube channel and can even assist you in creating one. We are also members of Pinterest. Our marketing team will promote any news you give us on our blog and social networks to tens of thousands of people. This could be where you are currently exhibiting, new artwork you are creating or any number of things. We love sharing our artists news! Other promotional opportunities include:

gall and app

New App Store & Virtual Art Exhibitions

Offline Exhibitions 

Hollywood Showcase

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Interviews on The Cultural Review Show

Publishing Opportunity

.....and MUCH, MUCH more! In fact, we just don't stop promoting our artists! Here's what some of our artists and associates say about us


Click here for Endorsement by Jon Hamilton-Fford, MBE Celebrity Artist & Published Author


Testimonial from 'Artist to the Stars' Paul Stillwell

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[quote style="boxed"]I've had my artwork showcased in many galleries both online and offline and by far the best results I've had are with Artists Info… it's a brilliant website![/quote]

Video footage of the celebrities signing their portraits

Testimonial from Carne Griffiths - One of the UK's Best Selling Artists


[quote style="boxed"]Artists Info is a great platform for showing original and limited edition artwork[/quote]

Carne Griffiths Gallery

Testimonial from International Published Artist John Luce Lockett

[quote style="boxed"]I have dealt with Melanie for many years. She is as honest as the day is long. She is an artist at heart - one of us. She works incredibly hard at promoting her artists. I’m delighted to be represented on her Global Art Directory, Artists Info.[/quote]

Testimonial from Architectural and Interior Designer Simon Cooper

[quote style="boxed"]I am an International Architectural and Interior Designer and have designed for prestigious clients around the world. My designs include a chain of French boutiques, corporate Headquarters in Film City in Delhi and ‘The Sikkim Butterfly’, the first five star destination hotel in the region of Sikkim, near Darjeeling, India (pictured.) I would not hesitate to consult the Artists Info art directory to select artwork on behalf of my clients.[/quote]

Testimonial from Major Fine Art Publishing Associate Chris Christoforou


[quote style="boxed"]I am an established UK artist who has gained an international reputation where I have sold artworks at Christie’s and Sotheby’s Art Auctions and at many exhibitions around the UK and in Dubai. I also work in association with a major UK Fine Art Publishing house selecting high calibre artists to publish. I actively search the artists on Artists Info to select talented up and coming artists to publish.[/quote]

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Tessa Rudnick

[quote style="boxed"]Through being part of Artists Info I have sold 22 pieces and had 6 commissions, I’m really pleased![/quote]

Tessa Rudnick Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Jean Picton

[quote style="boxed"]I have sold over 50 paintings, I’m absolutely delighted![/quote]

Jean Picton Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Gary Perlmutter

[quote style="boxed"]I was contacted by a high end entertainment and lifestyle magazine who found me on Artists Info and asked to feature my work. I am delighted that I was featured in such a prestigious publication. It just goes to show the visibility we get on Artists Info![/quote]

Gary Perlmutter Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Paul Pennell

[quote style="boxed"]Through exhibiting with Artists Info I have sold a number of pieces and have recently been commissioned to do an expensive bespoke piece which I'm very happy about![/quote]

Paul Pennel Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Gary Iles

[quote style="boxed"]Having been with Artists Info for a short while now , I have been receiving lots of great enquiries regarding my work and also for exhibiting at prestigious Art fairs in London, U.K . All have said they found me through Artists Info 🙂 Keep up the great work![/quote]

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Mary Davis

[quote style="boxed"]Through my involvement with Artists Info I have sold some work and been approached by an interior designer who bought from me and is interested in seeing more of my work with a view to me being a supplier to her clients.[/quote]

Mary Davis Gallery


Testimonial from Interior Designer Deborah Temple

[quote style="boxed"]As an Interior Designer it can be time consuming sourcing that unique piece of art for a client project. Artists Info's comprehensive portfolio has made sourcing much easier, and as I am dealing direct with the artists I save my clients money. A great source for designers offering a impressive selection of quality original artwork.[/quote]


Testimonial from Artists Info artist Adam King

It’s all thanks to my association with Artists Info that I was approached by a major UK pub chain who saw my online gallery, liked my style and commissioned me to create some work for their newly refurbished multi-million pound outlet. It’s amazing! I would like to thank all the guys at Artists Info for making this opportunity possible. I have known Melanie one of the founders of Artists Info for many years. I have exhibited in her UK based art gallery and her previous online art galleries. Artists Info is by far her best accomplishment to date and I would recommend getting listed with them if you are looking for online exposure and sales.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Elizabeth James

Artists Info is a wonderful platform to showcase your work, the team are very supportive and able to offer advice and support when you need it. They have recently written a wonderful review on my latest body of work and helped to promote my participation in a group art exhibition in London. They are eager to support the artists they represent and help us to get the best out of any opportunity that arises.

Who can join?

Our experienced team discover and invite a diverse range of artists and designers to join us including painters, sculptors, photographers, jewellery makers and many more. Whether you are just starting out or are a full-time professional, if you produce work yourself as an independent artist, we would love to hear from you.

Request an invitation

As a selected directory joining is by invitation only. If you would like to join our Award-Winning site just email us 2 images along with a short bio and a website or Facebook link, if you have one. We assess every application on 3 key areas: creativity, innovation and skill. We have a huge amount of respect for every artist and proudly showcase a wide variety of work encompassing many different styles, but regret that we cannot accept every application.

If you are invited by one of our team and you wish to join, simply click on the Join button below and enter your details on the registration form - it only takes a few minutes and your listing will go live straight away! Please note that only artists that have been pre-approved will be able to register on our system. If you are an agent or publisher you may apply to join on behalf of your artist. We are currently developing a Groups section for galleries, societies and universities. Please click here for more information.

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