Is it important to promote your work online and where?

13 August 2013


Buying and selling art online is now a huge industry. Massive. A recent report by the BBC reported that buying art online is now becoming an industry norm. It is an industry worth an estimated £40bn and is growing by 20% each year. That’s a market that internet giants Amazon are now tapping into with the launch of their online art gallery.

For time-poor customers who want to buy original art but don’t have the time to trawl art galleries, buying art online from easy to navigate sites and apps is a great solution. And for artists there is no insurance to worry about, manning an exhibition or the logistics of lugging their art around. There is also much less expense involved with exhibiting online and you can showcase more work. It’s now easier and faster to exhibit, organise, browse and purchase art than ever before. If you are an artist with a website and Facebook page you are half way there but you need to be looking at joining online art networks and galleries to maximise your reach and ultimately your sales. Beware of vanity galleries however, who charge a fortune to exhibit and feature nowhere in Google searches - customers looking for art will almost always search Google. Don't waste your money and time with amateur or out-of-date galleries. This article reviews the top online art galleries on Google. Choose galleries based on the exposure they can get you and never ever pay over the odds for a listing and watch out for hidden charges like VAT or ongoing monthly fees.

Click here to find out more about how to sell your art online.

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