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My father inspired my passion for cameras and photography when I was a child. I think initially it was his wonderful old folding film camera that attracted me to photography. It’s always been the camera first that has been the attraction, then to see what I can produce with it. (Always been a bit of a gadget freak) Then on leaving school I completed a 3-year course in photography. This led me to becoming a full-time professional photographer, initially in advertising for various London studios and since 2009 running my own wedding and portrait photography business. However in my spare time my passion is and always has been street photography, which I have been shooting on and off for over 10 years. I love nothing more then spending a day wandering about London (where I live) with my camera, watching people going about their daily lives and looking for the photo opportunities that literally can unfold before my eyes. I tend to have regular haunts that I visit, like Oxford Circus. Places like this that are literally swarming with people and also because these locations are full of tourists, you are less conspicuous wielding a camera. I find street photography a time for me to switch off and shoot what I like, rather than my commissioned work. So the only pressure is self-imposed, in that I always hope to come back at the end of a days shooting with a least one image that I really like. However the truth is that like fishing, most days I 'catch' nothing.

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07773 322221

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