GQ Magazine Loves Artists Info!

5 August 2013

WOW! The amazingly stylish men's magazine GQ have told us they love Artists Info and have featured 3 of their favourite artists from our site in this months issue. Congratulations to our hugely talented artists Elizabeth James, Gary Perlmutter & Chris Walsh for catching the eye of GQ's researchers. We look forward to more features in the future and are working on an exclusive press release for them as we speak.

GQ Magazine is the ultimate men’s lifestyle guide. It is well ahead of the game with fashion, grooming, women and wit. The style definer, not just a trend reflector. An established magazine whose ethos is 'success with style'. GQ is the best men's magazine in the world. They have some of the finest writers in the country, including the best commentators from British broadsheets: the Sunday Times’ Rod Liddle, the Guardian’s Alexis Petridis and the Independent’s Robert Chalmers. Spectator Editor Matthew d’Ancona writes about politics and Jason Barlow reviews the best new cars.


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