Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh is a Painter who specialises in Acrylics. His main areas of focus are Seascapes, Iconic Portraiture such as Buddha, Native American Indians as well as Animals, including Pets. A lot of the subject matter comes from his extensive travels around the world ranging from the Americas, Africa, the Far East and Antarctica. Most of the paintings are created using what he refers to as ‘The Black Canvas’ technique, where the canvas is first covered in black gesso, as he finds this gives the paintings greater depth of colour, mood and atmosphere. This lends itself to the creation of really moody moonlit seascapes where the painting is built up by using just one colour, often blue, as the shimmering moonlit effect it has against the dark background is quite stunning. However,  introducing other vivid colours, such as reds, yellows and gold into the pallet, helps to generate wonderful sunsets and soft glow sunrises. As part of his ‘Identifying Signature’ is that in every painting he creates, you will find two little birds somewhere, drifting on the breeze. I hope you agree that Chris’ work is not only unique in its subject matter, but also affordable. Chris produces paintings for general sale at exhibitions and online, as well as taking commissions on a variety of subjects.