Julie Edmunds

Colour has always been the main focus of every piece of artwork I have ever created, from simple drawings to the most elaborate mosaic pieces. Strong bold colour is the essence behind it all.

Whilst studying textiles and surface design I began experimenting with a vast array of colours and textures to create movement within my work. Working with glass is a natural progression for me as I am able to create work that has depth, fluidity and constantly changes depending on the light.

When I begin working on a piece of mosaic it is difficult to have a clear vision of the finished piece. I start with an idea in my head but often once I begin working the glass almost takes on a life of its own and I let the piece develop naturally.

I love to incorporate different shades of a particular colour and submerge various mediums within that colour to bring a piece together.

Although I suppose I am classed as a mosaic artist, to me it feels more like a collage of mixed media. As well as stained glass I use mirror, ceramics, various glass tiles, metal beads and fixings and mix them all together to create multi layers in the work.

The work I produce tends to lean towards a more abstract style but I am inspired by nature and this is reflected in most of the work I produce.

I am continuing to experiment within my work and am constantly resourcing new mediums to use to create large, bold, mosaic pieces.

I live in a small village in Hertfordshire with my family.