ivan djidjev

Mosaic art being a branch of applied art, barely underwent any crises from its first shy appearances in Ancient times. We could say in brief, that in a way the Babylonian people discovered mosaic, Greeks made it harmonious, Romans made it elegant, and in the end Byzantines gave it a twist of incomparable exquisiteness. Mosaic is an expression of style and eternity throughout time continuing up to now. For me creating a mosaic is like solving a puzzle. Mastering various techniques allows me not only to solve the puzzle but to control the shape of the pieces.
I create my mosaics from hundreds of tesserae, or individual pieces using different materials like stone, glass, metal, cardboard or smalt. I always consider the durability, thickness, colour, light reflection and ease of cutting when I choose my materials. When I create the design for my mosaics I always reckon that when the human eye sees a mosaic, an interesting thing happens. The mind eye looks at all those small pieces, makes sense out of them as a whole, and assimilates the image in the viewer s mind. I try to adopt an image for a mosaic by emphasizing the elements that strengthen the design while simplifying, or eliminating, those that confuse the eye. I think that a stylized approach gives the mosaic a contemporary feel that enhance it. I create my mosaics by the direct method –pressing directly the tesserae into the base using adhesive.

In my works I try to mix some of the most ancient and the most modern forms of art. I try to touch the illusion of eternity, and combine the many influences I am surrounded by when creating my contemporary works. My mosaic art resembles very much planting a tree, because the mosaic is just like a millennium tree, it is something that lasts forever. Each artwork is not just a piece of my own, on my creative journey, it is a window into the spiritual world.