Ivan Djidjev

Ivan Djidjev is a remarkably gifted and versatile contemporary artist, who is at home both with some of the most ancient and the most modern forms of art. He studied in the National Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, Austria under Professor Michelangelo Pistoletto.
“As an Artist I try to touch the illusion of eternity, and combine the many influences I am surrounded by when creating my contemporary works. Mosaic art resembles very much planting a tree, because the mosaic is just like a millennium tree, it is something that lasts forever” Ivan Djidjev.
His artworks are not just a piece of its own, on his creative journey, they are a window into the spiritual world. Mosaic is an expression of style and eternity throughout time continuing up to now. For him creating a mosaic is like solving a puzzle. Mastering various techniques allows him not only to solve the puzzle but to control the shape of the pieces.
Ivan has exhibited internationally including solo and group exhibitions. He has been selected to exhibit at various art exhibitions in the world and his works were showcased in USA, UK, France, Italy, Holland and Bulgaria.
Ivan Djidjev is member of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists (AIMC) and British Association for Modern Mosaics (BAMM). In 2018 his mosaic “Quintessence” was awarded first place in BAMM
“Open Ended” exhibition.