Artist Interviews with Melanie Burnell

11 November 2013

US textile artist Kelly L Hendrickson and Artist to the Stars Paul Stillwell talk to Melanie Burnell, Arts Correspondent for the Cultural Review Show.

 Interview with US textile artist Kelly L Hendrickson


Kelly talks about what made her get into textile art, the rise in its popularity, where she finds her inspirations and how being on the net has helped her reach a wider (global) audience.
Kelly said of her interview with Melanie: “I really enjoyed talking with you today. You made the experience feel like we were sitting down for a cup of tea and just chatting. Great job!”

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Interview with Artist to the Stars Paul Stillwell


Paul talks about his adventures trying to meeting world-famous celebrities who autograph the portraits he does of them. At each meeting he films the moment - his video footage of celebrity signings has had tens of thousands of views on YouTube (you can link to the video from his gallery listing on

He now has a substantial collection of paintings all autographed by the celebrities themselves. A collection that has involved many painstaking hours of painting, over 30 hours on each portrait, many miles of travelling and, on occasion, waiting for up to 15 hours in all kinds of weather, at all hours of the day and night, in the hope of meeting the star and the hope of having their autograph on his painting.

Paul explains how it has been a fascinating insight into the personalities of these world famous stars and how he has been touched by the warmth and kindness of some of them and the fabulous comments they have made about his art. He talks about the many highs from meeting lots of celebrities that he could only previously dream of meeting; discovering new levels determination within him and how art has been his own personal therapy and helped in his personal development.

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