How to Sell your Art on Pinterest

18 April 2013

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How to Sell Your Art on Pinterest

Pinterest is a new and very easy way in which an artist can market and promote their art to a growing audience of interested people.

Pinterest is a visual new social networking site that allows users to pin images, organize those images into collages called pinboards, and then share those collages with other Pinterest users. You can also follow other site members, comment on images, tag other users in your comments, and like other people’s pins. Pinterest lets you share the beautiful things you find on the Web. People are using Pinterest for all kinds of things but it’s especially good for artists.

This is because it’s all about images which lends itself perfectly to artists who, being extremely visual people, find that Pinterest is the perfect vehicle to post and showcase their art.

Think of Pinterest as your very own personal bulletin board. Alongside showcasing your work, it will contain all of the things that you admire, love, want to have or day-dream about will be pinned on this board. People who like what you have pinned, are also able to take what you have pinned and re-pin that image or post on their own board.

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So how can artists use this trendy new tool to market their work and inspire their art? Here are some suggestions for artists who want to harness the power of Pinterest.

Show off your work in a visually appealing way

Pinterest beats other social networks on displaying art, hands down. You can create a board (or even several boards) on Pinterest to share your work. Pinterest is a great way to showcase your best stuff to a targeted audience of artists, galleries, and potential customers. It’s also a great platform for showing the progress of your work. Some people are keenly interested in the creative process.

Use it as a reference point.

Pinterest can help you keep your inspiration in one place, and collectors can get an idea of what inspires you and make a personal connection. Pinterest is a whirlwhind of colour, texture and beauty. Use it as a visual boost of creativity! The site’s beautiful, simple layout makes it easy to focus on the images. It’s also great for storyboarding ideas. If you like to sketch ideas out before hand and see how they’ll progress, this is great use and allows others to see how things are going to progress.

Use it to generate traffic to your website.

Pinterest is not only picking up steam in social media circles, it has become an excellent source of traffic for blogs and websites, quickly surpassing current favourites like LinkedIn and YouTube.


Check out these artists, crafters and designers on Pinterest - they have all received a lot of attention from other Pinterest users.

Natasha Wescoat – Painter

Mike Mcdowell – Ceramic Artist

DrawDrawDraw – Artist and Art Lecturer

Mr. Tony Beresford – Graphic Designer

Michael Ann – Crafter

Cory Huff – The Abundant Artist

When pinning, always have a description of the art, pricing and create a link back to your website too, in order to make it easy for someone to get additional information about you and your art. You also want this information on your original pin, because when your post gets re-pinned by someone, that information will also be shared.

Create a board for their press releases and art events. Just make sure that each press release contains a great image of your art. It is the image that will get noticed, pinned and the image will create the interest for people to look, like and re-pin that post.

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