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I began painting in 2006, as a hobby. Not sure what to paint, I chose a scene from my favourite film, Lord of the Rings.

I bought a canvas and some acrylic paints. Having no training in art I spent over 30 hours perfecting the image from a photograph, using various tricks and painting techniques from the many painting programmes I had seen on television.

Friends were impressed with the finished artwork and one friend told me that one of the actors from the film was filming again in London and maybe we could go to the film set and ask him to autograph the painting! ...Perhaps you would like to read the story on the Lord of the Rings page opposite, it was quite an adventure trying to meet him.

This gave me the idea to do more paintings and try to meet more celebrities and ask them to autograph the portrait. I searched for information on where celebrities were appearing at public events, film premieres and book signings and began painting them.

I knew I would need proof of authenticity for each signed painting, so at each meeting I would be holding my painting with one hand and a camera with the other, trying to film the moment.

Viewing each page on this website you will see each painting in the collection has a video of the signing and a brief story of how I met them.


I now have a substantial collection of paintings all autographed by the celebrity themselves. A collection that has involved many painstaking hours of painting, over 30 hours on each portrait, many miles of travelling and, on occasion, waiting for up to 15 hours in all kinds of weather, at all hours of the day and night, in the hope of meeting the star and the hope of having their autograph on my painting.

It has been a fascinating insight into the personalities of these world famous stars and I have been touched by the warmth and kindness of a few of them and the fabulous comments they have made about my art. Plus the thrill of seeing my work featured on national TV across Europe and in national lifestyle magazines in the UK.

It has also been a roller coaster of emotions; great excitement from meeting many celebrities I could previously only dream of meeting; discovering new levels determination within me; and precious life lessons in dealing with the despair when a celebrity has refused to sign, or simply didn't see me, after exhaustive efforts.

See my website for a comprehensive list of my collection

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