Shirley Batten-Smith donates artwork

2 December 2014


Artists Info artist Shirley Batten-Smith proudly supports Age UK in Hertfordshire and was invited to attend the opening of their new venture – The Clitheroe Health and Wellbeing Centre in Bushey, Watford (it’s a joint venture for Age UK Hertfordshire and Sanctury Housing)

It is a day centre offering all sorts of activities for retired local residents and she guessed (correctly) that a picture for one of their walls might be a useful thing to donate.  She chose a picture that has over 50 Swarovski crystals in it which she called ‘The Milky Way’ and having hung it in her hall she liked the way the light caught the crystals and twinkled all the time – which she thought their people would like too.

They really appreciated it and she had some very nice remarks and feedback.  Best one came from the photographer who told her he really liked the picture and it was a very generous thing that she had done – he said she should do a whole range of them as there are plenty of galaxies to paint.... We completely agree!

Visit Shirley's Artists Info listing here

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