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Our Artist of the Year Anne Farrall Doyle wins Publishing Contract

anne pic

Congratulations to our Artist of the Year 2014, sponsored by Winsor & Newton and International Publishers Rosenstiel’s.

Not only did Anne win 1st Prize of her share of £1000 of art materials plus copies of the winning painting, she has now been offered a 2-year publishing contract with Rosenstiels.

Commenting on her success with Artists Info:

“I joined Artists Info with a view to reaching a broader circle of clients, to show my work to other areas of the art world ie. Interior Designers, Architects & suchlike, I viewed the quality of the artists work & I was influenced by your self promotion on your video, you came over as trustworthy, & forward thinking. It has certainly showed dividends so far, with reference to my contract with Rosenstiel’s. I also feel your company gives a degree of support to artists, particularly in your newsletters bringing to our attention scam emails and other dealings to beware of – this I feel is of the utmost importance in this world wide web, when often we can be dealing with faceless contacts.”

GQ Magazine regularly feature our artists



Congratulations to Lynn Gibson whose work was recently published in GQ.

Commenting on her success with Artists Info:

“First time my art was in a magazine, it was the Wonderwall feature in GQ. Which then led on to another GQ edition, Vogue, Glamour, ROCO and HT Art. This was all as a result of being listed on Artists Info – I’ll be forever grateful.”

Real results for our artists


Congratulations to Barbara Jackson who sold work as a result of being found on Artists Info.

Commenting on her success with Artists Info:

“It is very rewarding to be with Artists Info. They are always pleasant, helpful and proactive on behalf of their artists.”

More website referrals than Google


Ben Askem used a website tracker to see where visitors to his site had come from.

Commenting on his success with Artists Info:

“I was amazed to see that I had more referrals to my site from Artists Info than through Google or from people directly visiting my website! It just shows the exposure we artists get on Artists Info.”

A Great Value Marketing Package

  • A Gallery Listing on our Award-Winning site is a great way to gain exposure to a much larger audience making you easier to find.
  • Just having a link from our site to yours will boost your site’s search engine optimisation. We are endorsed by some big names in the art world and are proud of our far reaching reputation for discovering and sharing talented artists from across the globe.
  • Once you’ve joined Artists Info you will get a gallery listing on the site and our Stamp of Approval as a selected & verified artist to add credential to your website.
  • We will promote you in lots of ways through our site, YouTube channel, social media and extended networks. We’re a very friendly team of people who value all our artists and customers and are always on hand to offer advice on anything from pricing to writing a review on your work. If we can help you, we will.



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Who can Join?

Our experienced team discover and invite a diverse range of artists and designers to join us including painters, sculptors, photographers, jewellery makers and many more. Whether you are just starting out or are a full-time professional, if you produce work yourself as an independent artist, we would love to hear from you.

Request an Invitation

As a selected directory joining is by invitation only. If you would like to join our Award-Winning site just email us 2 images along with a short bio and a website or Facebook link, if you have one. We assess every application on 3 key areas: creativity, innovation and skill. We have a huge amount of respect for every artist and proudly showcase a wide variety of work encompassing many different styles, but regret that we cannot accept every application.

If you are invited by one of our team and you wish to join, simply click on the Join button below.

Enter your details on the registration form – it only takes a few minutes and your listing will go live straight away! Please note that only artists that have been pre-approved will be able to register on our system. If you are an agent or publisher you may apply to join on behalf of your artist.

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Our customers LOVE art!

We never stop promoting our artists!

Here’s what some of our artists and associates say about us


Click here for Endorsement by Jon Hamilton-Fford, MBE Celebrity Artist & Published Author

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Paul Bursnall

I’ve only been listed with you a couple of weeks and have just obtained a large metre square commission as a direct result of being on Artists Info. Thanks so much for the introduction! I was on another site paying a very steep monthly fee and receiving nothing in return. I’m so glad I cancelled with them and joined you.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Tara Funk Grim

Thank you so much for the Show & Share feature on your Facebook and Twitter! Had a lot of hits on my website!!!!

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Karen Blanchet

You are so worth the £59! Thank you so much for your support. It is wonderful to have someone to turn to for such good counsel.

Karen Blanchet’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Maggie Robinson

I am already happy with the way you have showcased my work and I haven’t been with you very long! Just to say thank you for promoting my artwork in your recent virtual art exhibition. It is so good that you honour your word and you do actually work on our behalf! Much appreciated!

Testimonial from ‘Artist to the Stars’ Paul Stillwell

I’ve had my artwork showcased in many galleries both online and offline and by far the best results I’ve had are with Artists Info… it’s a brilliant website!

Video footage of the celebrities signing their portraits

Testimonial from one of the UK’s Best-Selling Artists Carne Griffiths


Artists Info is a great platform for showing original and limited edition artwork

Carne Griffith’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Helen White

Just want to say Thank You and wow. I dipped into one of the online articles online, last night, about how Artists Info came into being via you Melanie, and getting together with Jean… It was such an insight into how the directory was born and has really made me doubly appreciate what you have put together for artists. Have been really noticing all you do for Artists Info members this past few weeks too…all the promotions, social media and really helpful emails and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it and how inspiring I am finding your whole vision for this directory. It couldn’t come at a better time for me as I am quite fixed on dealing more and more directly with the buying public from now on…which could have felt like a bewildering challenge without being part of this directory – so I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU (and ‘wow’) because sometimes that gets overlooked too readily and its so nice to hear from time to time 🙂

Helen White’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Marie Fox

Thank you for featuring my art in such an inventive way. As a result, a gallery contacted me about showing my art!

Marie Fox’s Gallery

Testimonial from Architectural and Interior Designer Simon Cooper

I am an International Architectural and Interior Designer and have designed for prestigious clients around the world. My designs include a chain of French boutiques, corporate Headquarters in Film City in Delhi and ‘The Sikkim Butterfly’, the first five star destination hotel in the region of Sikkim, near Darjeeling, India (pictured.) I would not hesitate to consult the Artists Info art directory to select artwork on behalf of my clients.

Testimonial from Major Fine Art Publishing Associate Chris Christoforou


I am an established UK artist who has gained an international reputation where I have sold artworks at Christie’s and Sotheby’s Art Auctions and at many exhibitions around the UK and in Dubai. I also work in association with a major UK Fine Art Publishing house selecting high calibre artists to publish. I actively search the artists on Artists Info to select talented up and coming artists to publish.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Barbara Jardine

There has been a huge surge in interest in my work and it’s all thanks to Artists Info! Artists Info contacted me – I guess having seen my website. I usually treat similar unsolicited contacts with cynical caution, but I am so glad that I followed my gut and contacted them.  Even though I am the first Caribbean artist on their books, and my website is not even a commercial site as such, the team have gone out of their way to bring it and the work to a wider audience using their technical knowledge, PR skills and genuine interest. My dealings with them have been on a personal, interactive level as well – a rarity in this digital era. Artists considering joining should feel comfortable and safe in their hands.

Barbara Jardine’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Jennie Verny-Frank

It’s such a refreshing change to work with such an ethical enterprise… doesn’t always happen unfortunately, but I always get the feeling that you are all really interested in the art, the artists as well as the business. So glad to be a part of it!

Jennie Verny-Frank’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Don Wunderlee

You are the best staff I have interacted with online… Great job!

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Jacqui Martin

Thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble to clarify some of the mysteries of exhibiting! It’s certainly a minefield out there, all I can say is I really appreciate your efforts in this matter.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Sarah Thee Campagna

Someone in Canada spent almost three hours on my site last night – 150 page views.  they got there via your site.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Gary Perlmutter

I was contacted by a high end entertainment and lifestyle magazine who found me on Artists Info and asked to feature my work. I am delighted that I was featured in such a prestigious publication. It just goes to show the visibility we get on Artists Info!

Gary Perlmutter’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Paul Pennell

Through exhibiting with Artists Info I have sold a number of pieces and have recently been commissioned to do an expensive bespoke piece which I’m very happy about!

Paul Pennel’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Sukhbir Hothi 

Thank you so much Artists info for all your help and support! You certainly support your artists!

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Lynn Gibson

Had some really great exposure through you guys so thanks very much 🙂

Lynn Gibson’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Phil Lyons

I am very glad that I’m listed with you. I’ve received a number of quality leads since joining.

Phil Lyon’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Mary Davis

Through my involvement with Artists Info I have sold some work and been approached by an interior designer who bought from me and is interested in seeing more of my work with a view to me being a supplier to her clients.

Mary Davis’ Gallery

Testimonial from Interior Designer Deborah Temple

As an Interior Designer it can be time consuming sourcing that unique piece of art for a client project. Artists Info’s comprehensive portfolio has made sourcing much easier, and as I am dealing direct with the artists I save my clients money. A great source for designers offering a impressive selection of quality original artwork.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Elizabeth James

Artists Info is a wonderful platform to showcase your work, the team are very supportive and able to offer advice and support when you need it. They have recently written a wonderful review on my latest body of work and helped to promote my participation in a group art exhibition in London. They are eager to support the artists they represent and help us to get the best out of any opportunity that arises.

Elizabeth James’ Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Maggie Mackenzie

I was selected by GQ Magazine to be on their Wonderwall in the March Collectors special edition and they found me on Artists Info! Not bad for an unknown Aussie artist!

Maggie Mackenzie’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Mike Bell

Thanks for keeping Artists informed of up to date info re frauds & galleries as well as Getting your Artists coverage worldwide etc.

Mike Bell’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Louise Lambert

Artist Info approached me and I researched them thoroughly and was more than impressed.  They are rapid in their response and have the artist’s main interest in their focus.  There are many services out there, however, I selected them.

Louise Lambert’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Christine Harrison

Thanks to the team for the hard work on members behalf.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Yvonne Maximchuk

You guys are terrific, informative and helpful!

Yvonne Maxinchuk’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Bert Liverance

Thank you for your continued updates and advice. As an artist sometimes I feel like the man in the painting “The Gulf Stream”…. Scammer sharks swimming around when all I want to do is reach land, connect with a patron. Your updates are great, now I feel like a man on a cruise ship 🙂 

Bert Liverance’s Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Rebecca Barnard

Your advice has been very helpful and you have been very supportive. I also like the personal way you run the operation.

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Dave Ness

I chose to list with Artists Info.  We artists get this kind of solicitation all the time and I always move them to trash.  For some reason this one caught my eye so I signed up.  I have been pleased with the support.

Dave Ness’ Gallery

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Elaine Bradshaw

Conde Nast is the publisher of many of the “lifestyle” magazines in which we Artists Info artists have been featured- Glamour, GQ, Tattler, etc. They use Artists Info as a source quite a bit- great for us!

Elaine Bradshaw’s Gallery

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