How To Sell Your Work & Gain Exposure Using YouTube

21 April 2013

If you are an artist then you might be wondering how to gain exposure of your work and sell your art online. YouTube is one of the greatest free advertising platforms on the internet.

YouTube is no longer just for music video's. The latest trend in e-marketing is 'vlogging' or video blogging which has made YouTube the world's second largest/most popular search engine. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now promoting themselves on there and artists should be no different!

Something that many YouTube viewers will enjoy is a variety of videos that show you creating your art. This can be in the form of small features at different times of the creation. Or you can also create speed art videos, where your users view you from start to finish, and the video is speeded up, taking 5 minutes instead of maybe a few hours.

You can also create reviews of the art products that you use; this will really give you an authoritative reputation and help you to sell more of your art online, and around the world.

The more fans of your art that see how you create it, the more people there will be who want to buy it. This is really one of the most exciting ways to promote your artwork, as everyone has a wide range of techniques and ideas that they use to create their inspired work.

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