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11 April 2014


Artists Info – What do we offer artists?

We are a Global Art Directory. We exist to drive art buyers, publishers and interior designers directly to the artists we represent. All our artists have a gallery listing on our site with a direct link to their own websites. As Artists Info is a PR2 site (meaning we have a Page Rank in Google which indicates a site’s importance) being linked to us helps artists own sites optimisation.

It’s an exciting time to join us. We have a specialist Google Partner on our team, June Cory from Ad agency My mustard, who is driving more art lovers to our site through our social media promotion as well as Google promotion of Artists Info. Currently we show next to Saatchi as an online art gallery on page 1 of Google and as a directory we make it easy for interested parties to get directly in touch with the artists. Our Google Partner is spending her time and our funds to ensure that many more of the common search terms show Artists Info immediately. Like our other team members June is an expert in her field and we are excited to see where she is going to take us.

The site is evolving and developing at quite a rate now. We have a PR agency, Laura Berrill Publicity working with us who has been getting several newspapers to cover success stories for some of our artists. Some glossy magazines are interested in our unique site and are planning to print articles in the coming months and Jean, one of our Founders did a radio interview with the BBC a few weeks ago. Also many of our artists have sold work and planned exhibitions as a direct result of being on our site; check out their testimonials here.

What makes us different?? There is no other Directory actively promoting themselves to a combination of Art Buying Public and Trade opportunities to the extent that we are.

Our fee to join is just £49.99 as a contribution to all of the development and marketing costs associated with such a project. We are not taking any commission on sales, we want our artists to carry out their own negotiations with the clients so they both get the best deal.

We are always on the lookout for hot new talent to represent. Please do not hesitate to apply here if you are a talented artist who would like to join us. - Global Art Directory

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