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9 August 2013

The History of Art

Our forthcoming online art magazine has just landed itself a new Features writer. Top art lecturer Naomi Phelan MA will be writing fascinating articles on the History of Art exclusively for us!

Naomi used to be the Education Coordinator and Lecturer at Artists Info Co-Founder Melanie's Bedfordshire arts centre. People used to come from far and wide to hear her beautifully delivered, thought provoking, entertaining and informative lectures at the gallery's History of Art Soiree Evenings.

Naomi 2 copy

We are delighted to be working with her again! Naomi will join the magazine's two other fantastic contributors, motivational artist coach & artist Jaiq Carter & Colorado arts writer Stew Mosberg. If you are an arts writer and would like to join the team, get in touch!

We would also like to hear your thoughts on the magazine - possible features, style etc 

Some of your ideas and suggestions include....

- It should be classy and high end yet friendly and not 'out of touch' or too 'way out.'
- It should appeal to students, graduates and emerging artists as well as hardcore collectors.
- Aimed at artists and those interested in art (buyers, collectors, galleries) in equal measures.
- Like to see features on artists in their own words - interviews in their home or studio which discuss their business approach as well as creative. Also similar for collectors and curators.
- Like to see reviews of international exhibits. Become an established verifying 3rd party entity for artists (It can be difficult to know the difference between real and scam exhibits without such verification.)
- Reviews of art movements that aren't being covered by the mainstream.: Visionary art. outlandish sculptural art etc.- Reviews of Apps for artists/businesses, innovative new ways to use tech in art.

- Methods for submitting art as the art of the month on our "front page."

We would love your thoughts!

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