Tessa Alexander

I am primarily a painter but I also do designs and drawings. I am inspired by everyday life that is seen but perhaps taken for granted. I capture images of spaces, landscapes and architectural details as well as people, often juxtaposed together, using a fresh perspective as if I am seeing it for the first time. My work is textural and colourful. I tend to use bright, Caribbean,Tropical colours, blues and greens combined with yellows and oranges to provide contrast.
I work primarily in watercolour but I also use oils and mixed media utilizing elements of collage in some of my pieces.
My work is expressive yet figurative and some pieces can be described as semi abstract.
Works range in size from small 20x20cm pieces to larger 120x180cm. My work is available for sale, is affordable

and can be shipped to any country. I also accept commissions for paintings, designs, illustrations and drawings.