lynn gibson

Lynn Gibson is an encaustic artist living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. She creates her uniquely beautiful artwork using coloured molten wax, the nature of this technique means each piece created is a completely unique one off, never to be recreated. Lynn’s main influences come from the world of science and nature which feeds her fascination for all things “a bit strange”; from the infinity small world of quantum mechanics to the incomprehensibly large world of supernovas and black holes.

Architecture & Design are other key influences, particularly the designs of Zaha Hadid, Gehry and Gaudi which Lynn tries to emulate in her own work. For over 15 years she has been carving out a career in this field, once working for one of the top practices in the country.

She exhibits regularly in and around Glasgow, but has also exhibited her work further afield, including London, New York, Hungary and Australia with her work also being featured in some of the country’s biggest magazines such as GQ, Tatler and Vogue.