julie vernon

I am an award winning British artist producing contemporary mixed media and mosaic artwork for interior and exterior spaces. My work is largely inspired by nature and in particular the colours, textures and structure of the landscape that surrounds me.

Each piece I create is totally individual and interesting to look at, dancing with a diverse range of materials and textures. To achieve this I combine a mixture of materials from vitreous glass and porcelain through to natural marble and slate, often incorporating found materials from the land such as individual pieces of stone, weathered glass and beach ceramic to reinforce the earthy, natural feel I am seeking to create. My colour palette is often muted greys, blues and greens although I like to bring in surprising touches of vibrant colour.

I love to work in a freehand style, guided by the feel and form of materials which I hope brings an organic, free flowing quality to my work. Many of my pieces are therefore abstract in style. I am interested in texture and the interaction of light across the materials which creates a sense of movement and being within the artwork which would otherwise by static. My current work is inspired by images of plant cells under the microscope – see ‘Bio-Cell’ in the gallery. In this I exaggerated the colours, shapes and multiple layered structures that make up a cell to craft a more tangible object.

As well as exhibiting nationally I also work on public and private commissions including a 5 foot sculpture of Gromit for Aardman Animations which was adorned with over 10,000 gold mosaic pieces. I accept both small and large scale work with many of my framed pieces being affordable for private homes. Customers often commission personalised artwork with dates and initials to celebrate Birthdays and Weddings making beautiful, memorable gifts.