Jane Glue

I was born in  Orkney  in 1958 and I have lived and worked as an artist here in the islands since finishing art school in London in 1985 where I graduated in book illustration.

Over the years I have primarily painted using watercolours but more recently I have moved into mixed media using collage, found items, watercolour and acrylics. Some of my work is abstract, while other paintings such as landscapes and birds tend to be more traditional. This year I have also ventured into fused glass. I love colour so this new medium suits my work very well and it has allowed me to expand my horizons into making framed works of fused glass but also smaller pieces of glass jewellery and coasters, etc.

My inspiration comes from my love of the Orkney Landscape, its flowers, nature and shoreline and I never tire of the changing light and colour that exists all around me. I especially love the blue’s of the wide open Orkney sky and the greens in the landscape interspersed with wildflowers like red poppies and purple foxgloves.

I sell through my own gallery in Finstown, Orkney and on line through my website. Apart from a good collection of original work, the gallery also sells a large variety of prints, cards, placemats and coasters produced from my original paintings. I have also exhibited and sold work in other galleries throughout the UK and in particular the The Royal Society of Scottish Painters annual exhibition.