Faith Honeybee Setley

My name is Faith Setley, but more often than not I go by my paint name-Honeybee.

I was born and raised in Hanover Ontario Canada. My love of art took off at the age of 4 while making chalk drawings on our tile floor,under the encouraging eye of my Mom.

My artistic abilities improved in public school and by high school, I was doing portraits and other drawings to earn extra money.

When my Mother became seriously ill,I placed my craft on the back burner to look after her,but thanks to her encouragement resumed using my gift by making window displays.

After she passed away, I started painting full time once more and after I was married, to my late husband Chris, I did a painting for our landlords as a gift, that they loved so much, they helped me get into the Saugeen Artists Group, and my career has soared ever since.

My work includes, portraits, of people and animals, buildings, vehicles, landscapes ,waterscapes, and abstracts. Almost every painting is mixed media,working with things like stained glass paint, charcoal, wax, oil pastels, and so on. I also create my own paintings as well as the commissions that I do, making anything from the realistic, to the whimsical.

In my spare time (?) I make artificial floral arrangements, write poetry, play video games, cook, exercise, and play with my cat.

My late husband is responsible for the name Honeybee, he named me that after a rare car he had only seen twice in his life, because he thought I was unique and special.

I would like to think that both my mother and Chris,are watching over whatever crazy ride I have gotten myself on next,and maybe, just maybe, I am making them smile.

ARTIST’S QUOTE-” If you should enjoy something that I have created,and it brings a smile to your face or joy to your heart,then my purpose in this lifetime has been fulfilled.”