Davorka Azinovic

Feelings, fantasy and imagination are the base for the creation of my sculptures and paintings. Each of my artworks is for me like a new research project. Creating it I sink in a new feelings, find a new worlds, techniques, shapes and expressions. My artwork has dynamic, humour, innovation and passion. It combines intuition, storytelling and elements of dreams. In my work mixes reality with fantasy. The beauty of the human body seen in different angles and perspectives connected to a theme of emotions has also been one of my inspirations.

Within of my artwork there is a deep connection between the ancient history and the modern age. My unique outlook on the world provides a safe space for humanity and pacifism. I am against the war, violence and use of the weapon. My message for the viewer is to experience strong emotions, imagine stories, experience personal grow and be involved in my creation. I like to bring the viewer to feel a strong connection with my artwork.

I use acrylic colors, wood, metal, textile, paper, empty spaces and other suitable items to create mixed media paintings on canvas. I also work with combinations of techniques and materials to create realistic effects. I prefer to use acrylic colors like gold, cooper and silver, giving to the parts of the painting a metallic shining. The purpose of using this technique is to perceive volume, movement and perspective in my artwork.