Concetta Perot

Mosaics is a reflection of life and an embodiment of hope. It doesn’t take much observation or introspection to realise that so much in us and around us is broken. Yet that brokeness, with patient care and attention, can be transformed into something life-giving and beautiful. I began Glittering Shards in 2004. Around that time, I was reading a book by spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen. In this he recounts a scene from a Bernstein play where a beautiful glass chalice falls and is smashed into hundreds of tiny pieces. The once powerful priest who had held the chalice looks down at the shattered glass and says “I never knew something broken could be so beautiful”.

That phrase somehow summarized my own life journey and dovetailed intuitively into my love of mosaics. It was then that the words “Glittering Shards” came into my head, capturing the essence, not just of the mosaic medium but also of the heart and soul of who I am as a mosaic artist and person. It is that love of mosaics (making and teaching), art-full living (a deep belief in creative expression as a birthright of all people) and yearning for a soul-full life (connected to our deep-selves, to others and the wider world) that is Glittering Shards, underpinned by a conviction that all that is broken can be transformed. Thank you for sharing the journey.

My gallery features a heart shaped brooch, a triptych black and red sunset, a black and gold sunset, an owl, lovers, and a dragonfly.