Clare Lloyd

I am a jewellery designer-maker working with a range of materials from precious metals through to polymer clays, resins, recycled plastic, glass, semi precious stones and vintage beads and buttons.

I love colour; colour is my inspiration and my obsession. Using polymer clays (and occasionally resin clays) I blend and mix primary colours like paint to create as many different shades and tones as I can and then hand roll each bead. I can never seem to recreate the same colour twice so each piece I make is unique. Polymer clay is a very versatile material and a lot of fun to work with. It is light and comfortable to wear and it’s also pretty tough and easy to look after.

I also love working with precious metals and make jewellery using traditional silversmith techniques. I am fascinated by texture and the different effects that can be achieved by hammering so a lot of my work in metal is a result of experiments with hammering techniques, reticulation and use of the rolling mill. I sometimes use copper and gold in my designs and add a splash of colour with beads.

I welcome commissions and would love to hear from you if you have any designs in mind.