Birgit Huttemann-Holz

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The Weight of Orchids, abstract paintings and encaustic monotypes

The Weight of Orchids series is a rhythmic display of color that plays across paper and canvas like a delicate symphony.  Birgit’s sweeping gestures, layered curves, and punctuating forms of saturated tones effortlessly carry the eye within and between compositions. While working primarily in encaustic monotype, laced with silver and gold, the artist maintains a lightness and depth that encourages one to look through the layers and engage with her prints. In her paintings on canvas, however, she varies her approach with a more direct and less nuanced hand which causes one to linger at the surface.

This series demonstrates a consistency in artist performance as each artwork is a visual harmony which moves between abstraction and floral display to compel a closer look and find the small surprises that lay within each layer. Birgit exhibits a unique sensitivity and acuity in encaustic and mixed media that successfully translates her encounter with orchids and lush garden sanctuaries into lively organic artworks that are both accessible and a visual pleasure.

– Wendy Schmidt, 2017

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