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26 September 2014

Winsor & Newton New Product Launches



W&N Professional Watercolour Sticks

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Dedicated to providing artists with new ways to explore their creativity, the Professional Water Colour sticks are one of our latest innovations; offering the same exceptional colour performance you’d come to expect from Winsor & Newton our Professional Water Colours Sticks offer increased versatility.

The Water Colour Sticks can be applied dry and directly onto paper like a pencil, then wet with water to create stunning, soft water colour washes. What’s more, the sticks– even years later, allow artists to alter or refresh layers of their works.
“The ability to be able to draw a picture with greater control and precision, add water and then watch the colour melt into a soft yet vibrant water colour painting is magical” – Debbie Bryan, Artist

Use the Professional Water Colour Sticks with Winsor & Newton’s range of watercolour brushes for painting outdoors, in a studio setting or on-the-go. Using the same professional grade pigments as Professional Water Colour tubes and pans, they produce vibrant colour both wet and dry, creating powerful drawings and paintings alike. Using lightfast pigments, the sticks provide permanence superior to that of dye-based equivalent colour.

Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks are available loose in a spectrum of 48 colours and are fully intermixable with traditional water colour. They can also be used in conjunction with other forms of dry colour mediums, making them an excellent complement to various artistic techniques.


W&N Professional Limited Edition

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Inspired by the deserts around the world, Winsor & Newton’s 6 Limited Edition water colours are vibrant, lightfast and made from a specially developed range of pigments.
Utilizing the latest technology in pigment innovation and working hand in hand with Artists to create
colours that unrivalled in their performance. Dramatic and beautiful in their own right, the new colours are exciting additions to any water colour palette. Together, they work to embody the rich and evocative colours, so typical of desert landscapes.

The Limited Edition Professional Water Colours are; Phthalo Sapphire, Transparent Orange, Indian Red Deep, Yellow Titanate, Gold Brown and Dark Brown.

Phthalo Sapphire
An intense, vivid deep blue, Phthalo Sapphire is outstanding when applied at full strength for brilliant and cloudless desert skies as well as when mixed with other colours thanks to its high transparency. Phthalo Sapphire becomes even more dramatic when juxtaposed with its complimentary pairing, Transparent Orange.

Transparent Orange
Transparent Orange is a vibrant, strong and lively orange veering easily between a primary and an earth colour. Extremely bright and intense, this clear, red-leaning orange is like the blazing hot desert sun at midday. Both its mass tone and undertone are beautifully appealing yet very different, providing strong reds when used thickly with little water and turning orange when thinned.

Indian Red Deep
A dark and rich maroon-brown, Indian Red Deep is excellent for recreating the deep red earth of the Australian outback. Light to handle, and highly transparent, it is also a great mixing colour, mixing with Transparent Orange creates beautiful, deep reds but it can be equally exciting when mixed with warm colours such as blues and violets.

Yellow Titanate
Yellow Titanate is a rich, exceptionally strong yet subtle yellow. Earthy and warm – it is perfect for representing the sandy hues of desert dunes. Its opacity makes it dense and sturdy, retaining its glowing character from full strength to subtle tints. A granulating pigment, it can also create beautiful textures and subtleties in the landscape.
Gold Brown
Evoking musky and mellow hues, Gold Brown is intensely opaque and perfect for depicting the heavy, dense yellow desert landscape. Combine it with the new Dark Brown and Indian Red Deep to create deep and dark shadows and mixtures.

Dark Brown
Dark Brown has a sun-beaten yet earthy and natural appearance. Opaque and dense, it is excellent for deep, chocolaty, desert shadows found at the last light of day. Another great mixing colour, mix with the new Phthalo Sapphire to create even richer and deeper darks.

To discover more visit http://www.winsornewton.com/uk/

W&N Water Colour Markers

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Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers are an outstanding range of highly pigmented water-based markers which deliver superb colour performance with the added inclusion of precision.

Dedicated to providing artists with new ways to explore the expanse of their creativity, the new Water Colour Markers are one of our latest innovations, adding a new dimension to working with water colour.

Expertly crafted with a twin tip, the new markers enable artists to achieve unrivalled definition and control with water colours. Each marker has a fine point on one end and a flexible brush nib on the opposite, helping to create a variety of stunning, sweeping line thicknesses and superior detailing. Colour can then be easily blended with water to create soft and vibrant water colour washes.

The new markers have been specially formulated using fine quality artists’ pigments. They not only offer incomparable vibrancy, flow and blending ability, but they also provide excellent permanence and durability far superior to their dye-based marker equivalents.
Delivering impressive precision combined with our expert colour performance, the new Winsor & Newton Water Colour markers are an indispensable addition to the water colour artists’ palette.


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