What would you like from an Art Social Network?

6 August 2013

rainbownetworks430We are looking into creating an art social network and would love to know your thoughts. What art social networking sites do you already use? What is good about them? Here are our (initial!) ideas. Tell us what you think!

Artists Info Social Network

The site allows artists to network with other creative people and connects them with art galleries and art collectors. The network also keeps everyone up to date with current art news and art happenings. The main part of the site is a main feed like facebook. You can choose who you allow in your network by liking / sharing posts like fb. You can also create your own groups.

Features for artists to include:

- Artists can update their statuses on the main feed like facebook - they can share information, invite people to their new exhibitions, show work in progress etc

- Artists can create a profile page including a personal portfolio and blog plus links to their own website / other social networks e.g. fb/twitter. Plus they can upload / share videos

- They can add their work in up to three categories so that people searching for art can find what they are looking for (like with artistsinfo.co.uk)

- Option to include a shop on their profile page, if they want to sell work.

Features for art galleries and organisations to include:

- They can update their statuses on the main feed like facebook - share information, call for artists etc

- They can upload listings for... Call for artists, art competitions, art events, exhibitions, art jobs, freelancing, and art licensing opportunities.

- They can create a profile to introduce themselves / link to their website

Features for art lovers to include:

- Can search for artists / artwork using keywords, category, location or ‘New’/latest (like artistsinfo.co.uk)

- Option to buy work from artists who have a shop (so they buy direct from artist)

- Option to put out a Commission Call (e.g. I’m looking for someone to paint a portrait of...)

As well as the main ‘Feed’, other sections are to include:




JOBS (companies can post jobs)


UNIVERSITIES / EDUCATION (info on art education)




TUTORIALS (live art drawing classes! How To's etc)

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