We're No 1 on YouTube out of 100,000 results!

27 March 2013

Artists Info is already ranking in the top 3 spots for the keywords 'Online Art Gallery' on the worlds second largest/most popular search engine, YouTube. Our YouTube channel has already had almost 7000 views! Our fab e-Marketing team have been busy making videos like this one which is the new way to attract customers/visitors to your site:

Check out our video, 'What is Art?'

We are working hard on ranking high on Google as well and are just about to release our first official press release to both on and offline media and publications, and our engaging Twitter and Facebook pages are attracting more followers every day. But our biggest success so far is without a doubt our presence on YouTube. YouTube has come a long way from being a site dedicated solely  to music. It is now the default search engine for most smart phones and over 800 million unique users visit each month watching over 4 billion hours of video.

These are stats that our e-Marketing team just couldn't ignore and we're delighted our video's are proving so popular!

The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has accelerated the growth of YouTube as it enables discovery and sharing of online video's:

  • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
  • 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares etc) each week
  • An auto-shared tweet results in 6 new youtube.com sessions on average
  • There are 500 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link
  • Over 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments
  • Millions of videos are favourited every day



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