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8 April 2013

Edited from an article by Carolyn Edlund for Artsy Shark

Just for fun, imagine turning one of your paintings into a piece of wearable art. Now you can do it.

At Constrvct.com you can create wearable art and get some amazing results. Calling themselves an “endless dream closet and open design studio” they offer anyone the opportunity to turn designs into custom garments that look a lot more like couture than “tee”.

Artist Anne Gudrun had several gorgeous dresses made on the site. She explains, “Last summer I was working on my Essence Art painting of red roses. Essence Art is a personalized painting that captures a person’s essence as a beautiful and sacred symbol. While I was painting I imagined myself wearing my art and I suddenly was inspired with the idea of making my painting into a dress.

“Creating my own Fashion Art becomes a natural way to further my creative expression and another way to bring art and beauty to people’s lives. My vision was to have the dress as large as the actual painting to create a unique style that completely represented my art.”

At Constrvct, digital images are printed on cotton-silk fabric and sewn (in the U.S.) into a custom made garment for you. They offer tops, skirts and several styles of dresses to choose from, and will even send fabric swatches.

After uploading your design, you get a 3D look at the garment, which can be viewed from any angle. How would your art look as clothing? Find out with an easy upload of your image to see the results.

Future plans at Constvct include opening their site to artists to submit designs and receive royalties from sales. How exciting!

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