How do I add images to my Artists Info listing?

To add images to your Artists Info listing :

Step 1 - Login to your Artists Info account.

Step 2 - Navigate to your listing on the website.

Step 3 - Scroll down until you see the 'Edit Your Listing Details' section. If you have not logged in to the site, you won't see this section!

Step 4 - Inside the 'Gallery Images' box you'll see an 'Add to gallery' button.

Step 5 - Click the 'Add to gallery' button, which will open an upload window where you can select a file(s) from your computer and upload them directly to your gallery.

Step 6 - You can also add meta data to describe each of your images. Meta data helps search engines understand more about your images, which may in turn help your listing to rank better in search results. For more information on adding meta data for your images, check out our FAQ specifically about improving your listing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Step 7 - Click 'Save Changes' in order to update your listing.

Please note : Your images will be rejected if they are larger than 2mb in size. If you need to resize your image but don't have the necessary tools, then try using one of the many online image resizers such as

Also, images displayed on your listing page are 1080px wide when they are clicked in your gallery. If your uploaded images are smaller than this they will be scaled up, which can cause a slight blurring. If your uploaded images are larger than this they will be scaled down without blurring. If you get really stuck with your images, then please email them to [email protected] and we'll try to help out!

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