How do I add images to my Artists Info listing?

artists-info-go-to-my-listing-pageYou can display up to 12 images on your Artists Info listing, in the gallery shown in the right-hand sidebar of your listing page.

To add images to your listing you first need to login to your Artists Info account. If you don’t know how to login to your account, please check the other FAQ’s on this page.

Once you have logged in, click the ‘Artists’ link to go to your listing (see screenshot 1 [right]).

artists-info-edit-my-listingIf you see an intermediate screen showing your name (where marked in screenshot 2 [left]), then click the name link to reveal your listing. Your listing page should now be revealed ready for you to update!

artists-info-save-all-changesTo edit your images, scroll down until you see the ‘Gallery Images’ section. Click ‘Upload Images’ and follow the on-page instructions to select one or more files (images in your case).

Once you have uploaded your images, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save All Changes’ and then click the ‘Close Window’ box (see screenshot).

This should take you back to the main page.

artists-info-close-windowNow to finalise your updates, click the ‘Update Gallery’ link.

artists-info-update-galleryPlease note : Your images will be rejected if they are larger than 2mb in size. If you need to resize your image but don’t have the necessary tools, then try using one of the many online image resizers such as

Also, images displayed on your listing page are 454px wide. If your uploaded images are smaller than this they will be scaled up, which can cause a slight blurring. If your uploaded images are larger than this they will be scaled down without blurring. If you get really stuck with your images, then please email them to and we’ll try to help out!

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