Can I improve the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for my listing?

Whilst we already get a lot of search engine traffic visiting the Artists Info website, there are several ways that you can help more search engine visitors to find your own listing page. If you're not sure how to get to any of the areas discussed below, please refer to other FAQs on editing your images and your listing.

Step 1 - Login to your Artists Info account.

Step 2 - Navigate to your listing on the website.

Step 3 - Scroll down until you see the 'Edit Your Listing Details' section.


Step 4 - Look for the 'Gallery Images' sub-section and click on the image you'd like to edit.

Step 5 - A box will open to the right of the image, allowing you to add your title, alt text, description, and caption. Put your own title for the image in box 1; Put a description of the image in box 2; Put a short caption in box 3 - this will then be displayed under your image on your listing page. Try to incorporate some of your keywords into these boxes, but make sure that the text reads well (i.e. don't just stuff the field with keywords, as this stands more chance of being penalised by Google).

Step 6 - Once you have edited the image fields, click 'Update'.

Step 7 - When you have finished updating all of your listing details, scroll to the bottom and click the 'Save Changes' button.

Your Listing Bio Area

Your listing content (bio) is the text area just beneath your name when editing your listing. Ideally, you should make this at least 250 words long. Search engines need content to help them understand what you and your listing are all about - so the more you write, the better.

Hint : Try not to copy / paste your content directly from another place (e.g. your own website), but make it as unique as possible. Mention plenty of your keywords (names, locations, pieces of work, subjects, media etc.), but make sure that you make it highly readable for your audience.

Once you have done as much as you want, just click the 'Save Changes' button towards the bottom of the page to make your changes 'live'.

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