Tips on Buying Original Art

12 October 2016


What to look for

So you’re ready to invest in an original work of art. Maybe you’re simply looking for a dramatic addition to your newly decorated lounge, or are hoping to bag yourself an appreciating asset. Here’s our top tips to help you out...

Do your research

Of course your emotions will have a lot to do with which piece you will choose, but you should also understand your genre. Visit exhibitions, art fairs, galleries and Open Studios to get a feel what you like. Don’t forget online venues like Artists Info, where you can browse in the comfort of your own home and without feeling under pressure to buy.

Use social media

Visual networks like Pinterest and Instagram in particular are great ways to find inspiration. Use relevant hashtags to find what you are searching for.

Seek advice

Form a relationship with your favourite gallery – both on and offline. Good galleries and online artist guides like Artists Info will allow you to get directly in touch with artists, so that you can get to understand more about the art you like.

Be open to buying online

Using websites like Artists Info, putting you directly in touch with the artists enables you to get to know the artists, and even commission your own piece. Buying art online is a hugely popular way to purchase art these days – don’t be afraid to take a look!

Framing is important

The frame plays an important part when buying an artwork. The style of frame needs to complement the artwork and the room in which it will be displayed. If the artwork is likely to be hung in a bright area with sunshine, it is advisable to ensure UV protection glass has been used in the framing.

Don’t be afraid to buy with your heart!

Art is there to be enjoyed and once hung in your home it inspires the soul, reflects your personality and brings your home to life. So if you see something you love, go for it as you will take pleasure from it every day.

Look after your art

Whether you have purchased a small print or a large original, it is important to keep it clean and away from direct sunlight where possible (unless it is protected by a UV frame.) Part of the appeal of buying art from up-and-coming artists in particular, is that you never know how much the work will be worth in years to come, should that artist you met at a small exhibition end up becoming famous in the future. You may well have a piece that will turn into a family heirloom, so make sure it is well looked after!

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