Talented Artist Seeking Sponsorship

26 June 2013

One of our talented artists Elizabeth James, has been invited by Shanghai Yude Exhibition Co. Ltd to host a solo exhibition of works from her 'Colour in Motion' photography series at a 30-day exhibition which will enable her to reach the Chinese art market. There has been great interest from Chinese collectors in her water-based work from viewers in the gallery where her promotional video is played daily in Shanghai.

Elizabeth’s ‘Colour in Motion’ photography series captures the characteristics of water under different circumstances. In Chinese fung shui, water is to help the flow balance, harmony and prosperity into one's life. Some of her work is produced in limited editions of 8. Chinese cultural belief is that the number 8 symbolizes prosperity and wealth. She plans to create works and present them in sets of 8 honouring these beliefs. She will also incorporate the colour red in her designs as red is traditionally an auspicious colour in Chinese culture and represents happiness or good luck.

Elizabeth would welcome partial or full sponsorship to help fund this project. If you yhink you may be able to help please get in touch with her directly at [email protected]▼ www.elizabethjamesart.com

Elizabeth's Artists Info Gallery


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