See our artists work in your own homes before yuo buy! Amazing AR Technology Coming Soon to Artists Info

1 January 1970

Incredible cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology is being built by Artists Info developers.

Our specialist AR technicians are creating an App which will allow our customers to view our artists work in their own homes!

Check out this sample.... (finished APP will be much quicker to use)

1) Bring up the below image onto your pc screen (click to enlarge)

OR print it out and stick it on your wall where you would like to see the artwork

2) Download the free ARmedia app to your iPHONE here

3) Email us from your iPHONE to request a sample painting [email protected]. We will email you a sample file

4) Open our email on your iPHONE and select to open it with the ARmedia app

5) Refresh the library - Tap the icon bottom right (looks like 3 bars) to go to library,
or if you are already in the library tap icon to bottom left (reload arrow)

6)  Select new model, "Gary Iles",  tap the ARmedia's eye icon & point camera at printed maker.

You can zoom in and out - you can now view the artwork in any space / setting you choose!

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