16 April 2013

See.Me's Exposure Photography Competition

Photographers.... Check out See.Me's Exposure Competion - Hurry! Ends in 2 weeks


EXPOSURE is See.Me's 4th annual international photography competition offering over $30,000 in awards including an exhibition at the Aperture Foundation in NYC.

The goal is simple – to find amazing photographic talents and expose them to the world in the most potent way possible.

This opportunity is open to photographers of all backgrounds who speak in the language of lenses and aperture.

Photography is power – share your best images with the world and have a chance at life changing awards.

The Standard Entry Deadline is April 30, 2013 11:59pm ET and the Final Entry Deadline is May 15, 2013 11:59pm ET

All members who join before this date are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.


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