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30 September 2014

Newsflash - Artist Scammers Update

Artists Info would like to make it quite clear that we are in no way associated with either the online Mint Gallery based in Germany or Brick Lane Gallery UK

Whilst we currently have no evidence to confirm whether either company is a scam, we are extremely concerned at the amount of pushy emails that are being sent to artists and are doing our best to stop any further harassment .

Please do advise us should you receive any further, unwanted, communication from either of them.


We have had many complaints from our Artists that Aspire are a pushy sales publication who try and take large sums of money for advertising.

Today they have contacted us requesting that any complaints be directed to them direct. We have not accused them of being scammers we are simply sharing our Artists experiences as they have requested.

Please  either call Aspire  on 0116 262 4867 or email them direct [email protected] to make them aware of your unhappy experience or examples of their pressurised sales calls they maintain they do not make.

Have you had any dealings with this one??

Will “Tuck” Tucker Promising sales of $1000 or your $150 refunded after a certain period of time
He appears to be promoting himself through Linked In, Please do let us know if you or anybody you know has had any experience to date.
More Scammers to look out for:
Timothy Ramirez [email protected]
Platz der Luftbrücke 18
D-12101 Berlin

Uses stolen/Fake cheques

Will Tucker update from one of our Artists:

unfortunately i was a victim of will tucker some time ago via linkedin. after i saw no effort made by him to promote my work in any fashion what so ever i was informed by him that paypal would not allow him to refund my $150.00 and i would have to approach them personally. when i did so paypal told me i was past the time frame to receive my refund. my bank could do nothing to return my money in that i had entered the contract willingly unless i could provide the bank with my correspondence with will wherein he stated his regrets and failed attempts to refund the money. all of our correspondence took place within linkedin, which is locked to outsiders so it was unavailable to me to forward to my bank. i was never able to retrieve the money.

Mike Conley
The same old story, will send extra money for you to pay their own shipper !
Do keep forwarding names so we can hopefully get these guys “Named and Shamed”.

These people are not just targeting our member’s, they are trying their luck everywhere.
Fortunately our ongoing campaign to Name and Shame the Scammers is helping us create massive awareness, protecting our vulnerable Artists from their dirty tricks.

Artists Info - Protecting Artists Interests

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