Marquetry Artisty Grzegorz Czarnecki's Upcoming Exhibition

7 May 2013

Artists Info Marquetry artist Grzegorz Czarnecki

is exhibiting at The third edition of Parallax ‘Art’ Fair in New York on Friday 10th May, 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Saturday 11 May: 11am - 5pm
Sunday 12 May: 11am - 5pm
The venue is Prince George, 15 E27th Street, NY 10016.
P(AF) makes a uniquely refreshing conceptual statement about subjectivity and the commoditization of taste, as well as raising questions about the role of the artist, art public and the way the industry functions. The event attracts around 200 artists from all over the world, presenting 2,000 to 3,000 pieces. The art spans the spectrum in content and style due to the level playing field of P(AF)’s universal acceptance, and ensures that ‘established’ and ‘emerging’ artists are equally represented.
We would like to wish Grzegorz lots of luck (and sales!)
You can link  to Grzegorz's Artists Info gallery here
You can link to the International Artist Fair here

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