1 January 1970

Lynne Forrester, Artist: Journal - Trying Something New

Lynne Forrester, Artist: New Beginnings (Mixed media painting, 9"x12")

New Beginnings
Mixed Media Painting

Finding the original inspiration (a beautiful mosaic archway from a gorgeous Persian cookbook), getting the patterns in the hues I wanted, ripping paper piles so the edges were raggedy. After all the collage preparation, layering and drying, I then had a go at trying to paint with a palette knife! And do you know what? I enjoyed the process 🙂

I received an online art course that I had wanted to do for ages (http://mondayonlinestudio.weebly.com) from my generous brother a while ago. After much procrastinating, the time was earmarked in the diary and I actually committed to the class. It took much longer than planned but it was amazing! Simply loved just working the mediums in a whole new way and I think I have a new inspiration for future paintings. This is always the way when I'm meant to be focusing elsewhere, but it did remind me of how important it is to be allowed to learn for fun.

I know I'm doing what I love for a living. So little of it is exploring and creating the art itself. This made me re-evaluate. Maybe I'll spend less time on the admin and more on the painting. I'm having the new moon feeling of taking stock and reviewing things - and lots of financials are coming up for renewal (including this website). Watch this space, I'm definitely striving for simplicity over complexity.

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