Lynne Forrester, Artist: Journal and New Painting: Stories

1 January 1970

Lynne Forrester, Artist: Stories (cloudscape painting, oil on canvas, 12"x12")Stories
Cloudscape painting
(Oil on canvas, 12"x12")

Stories buffet and wend their way through communities, countries and skies. Different yet the same in that all stories are told at some point, and those telling similar-veined tales usually find like-minded atmospheric tones to congregate with. The heavier, more venomous and sometimes regarded as the juicier stories wallow and dive into the increasingly tragic tellings of the other. The optimistic and spiritually light stories are harder to find but look up and you'll see their versions of reality floating, waiting patiently to be heard. More translucent and sometimes seemingly invisible, it's often the respectful space they give each other to exist that defines them the most.


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