The Important Aspects Behind the Delivery of Artwork

9 February 2018

Creating artwork is both a laborious and soul-awakening process. However, when an artist has completed their work, there is still one more thing to be done: shipping.

The safe transportation of artwork can be a stressful process. If you have not shipped your art before, it can be hard to know where to begin. As such, whether your work needs to be moved from gallery to gallery, or you're shipping a commissioned piece directly to a client, here is everything you need to know about the why's and how's of delivering artwork.

Why Does High Value Artwork Need Protecting?

As a unique piece of art that has taken many dedicated hours to complete, if lost, it cannot simply be replaced and reshipped – as a creative process, it cannot be replicated. This means that it's essential for art to be delivered safely and securely.

While this is case for any piece of art, this is especially true for high value artwork. High value art, whether a painting or a sculpture, tends to be collectable. These irreplaceable works of artcan be worth in the thousands or millions and as such must be carefully wrapped, protected and shipped.

Famous Artwork that Disappeared

Over the years, many famous artworks have disappeared, either by vanishing without a trace or stolen from a gallery or home. One thing is certain: when art vanishes, it can cost a fortune.

There are numerous pieces of high value art that have gone missing. This includes Rembrandt's 'Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee' which was stolen in 1990 from an American art gallery, along with 13 other paintings. A reward of £3.2 million has been offered for the return of the painting, but it has yet to be found.

Or how about Picasso's 'Le Pigeon aux petispois' which was stolen from a museum in Paris in 2010 and is believed to have been thrown in a nearby bin! An unfortunate end for a painting worth approximately £20 million.

And then there's Raphael's 'Portrait of a Young Man' which previously hung in Hitler's home in Berlin. It has not been seen since the end of the Second World War and its whereabouts remain a mystery.

What Delivery Service Should You Choose?

When shipping any kind of artwork, due to its unique and irreplaceable nature, it is always best to pay for a service that offers expedited delivery and protective insurance. For this reason and for peace of mind, when shipping your completed art, always use a reliable service that can deliver the artwork next day. After all, it's better to pay a little extra to ensure it arrives safely!

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