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11 January 2014

COMING SOON! Artists Info are delighted to be working with Art Lecturer Naomi Phelan MA to bring you live streamed History of Art and Design Lectures. Named The Phelan Project, these informative, engaging lectures will be held monthly and can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.

Below are the lecture titles for the first season:-

Lecture 1) How can a Dead Cow be Art? (A Beginners Guide to Making Sense of Modern Art)
Lecture 2) Reflections of a Golden Age - 17th Century Holland as portrayed by the Artists who lived there
Lecture 3) Dada - The Art of No Return
Lecture 4) Changing Directions - Art of the Impressionists
Lecture 5) An Introduction to Baroque Art - Exploring the diverse art of the 1600s, from Catholic Glory to Protestant Piety
Lecture 6) We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather! - with Turner and Constable

More info on Lecture 1

Standing in a gallery we feel we should know why a canvas dripped with paint, or a pile of bricks is classed as art - but if we are honest, we don't. If this sounds like you, this lecture will quickly unravel the mysteries of the 20th Century art world, and help you to understand how art can get from a beautiful Monet to a sawn off animal, and from Rodin's 'Kiss' to an unmade bed.

More info on Lecture 2

During the seventeenth century, the northern provinces of the Netherlands gained their independence from Spain, to go on to enjoy one of the most successful and economically prosperous periods in European history – the Dutch Republic.  In doing so, this country of just two million people and virtually no natural resources experienced a remarkable artistic and commercial ‘Golden Age’ giving rise to un-rivalled global trade and financial success. In a world where commerce became all, private patronage made way to an open art market and over seventy thousand paintings were produced each year - picture making never had it so good! In this lecture we will consider how the Dutch painters of the seventeenth century recorded the civic, private and commercial pride of their country, so reflecting on a society and culture that founded methodologies, techniques and attitudes that would give birth to the Early Modern Age.

If you would like to be among the first to tune in please register your interest here (stating 'Art Lectures') and we'll send you all the information you'll need when we're all set up.

naoAbove: Naomi Phelan MA

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